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Working off Easter chocolate at home

Did you eat too much chocolate over Easter and now need a way to burn off those calories and that sickly feeling without the help of your favourite gym? Don’t panic! Angelina Barth says we can do just that … at home.

And don’t sweat it if you missed out on home gym equipment in the rush for dumbbells at Kmart – you don’t need it.

“You can do so much without equipment to stay in shape. I’ve always been a fan of home workouts because that’s I got started on my (fitness) journey,” Angelina says.

“You can also use benches, stairs and chairs to workout at home. You can do a whole bar workout using the back of a chair.”

And if you’ve got a skipping rope and some space outside, you’re set.

Angelina also teaches people how to use their own body weight to get in shape. She’s running free workshops online including a Friday afternoon session designed to get us moving before end-of-the-week wine or cocktails.

It’s just a matter of watching what Angelina is doing and trying it for yourself in the privacy of your own loungeroom or back patio.

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Posted by The Active Sisters on Sunday, 5 April 2020

Angelina’s top tips for home workouts

  • Now is a good time to experiment with exercise to discover what you enjoy. View all the free fitness content on Youtube for ideas. There’s everything from dance to yoga and surfing workouts. Work hard at the type of exercise you enjoy.
  • Move as much as you can. Have a plan written out for each day and try to stick to it. Create a home gym schedule with plenty of variety, and include healthy eating in this plan.
  • Get up in the morning and do 15 minutes of something before starting work. If you’re sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, you will feel lethargic by the end of the day. Take regular breaks and go for a walk at the end of the day.
  • Breath fresh air outside and if you’re able to, do some exercise outdoors. If you can’t, a workout in the loungeroom is just fine.

Angelina says exercising while we’re stuck at home is good for our bodies, but also our mental health.

“You don’t want to use COVID-19 as an excuse to put on extra weight, you also run the risk of your immune system running down if you don’t exercise,” she says.

And for those used to going to the gym everyday …

“Use this time to have a breather, enjoy exercise and reset.”

Want to check out Angelina’s classes, tips and tricks? Head to The Active Sisters Facebook page

Other gyms/centres/trainers offering online classes in the region

**This is just a sample of what’s available. Search for your favourite gym online or on Facebook for many more**

Crossfit Moreton Bay has daily workshops, plus challenges for members. Head to

Tom’s Law sessions on Youtube

Workout 24/7 Gym North Lakes has links to workouts on its Facebook page

The Holt Bolt fitness has Facebook live videos and tips

Active Live Fitness at Everton Hills has tips and recipes on its website, plus live streaming services for members via Facebook

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