Tackle of the season?

Tackle of the season?

Dolphins’ Trai Fuller spoilt the party, with a game-saving tackle on Saturday night, when the Central Queensland Capras looked certain to score. Could it be the chase and tackle of the season?

The fullback seemed to come from nowhere and his Capras opponent certainly didn’t see him coming, prematurely celebrating the try as he sprinted past the 40m line.

But, Fuller came flying in and dragged him to the ground and over the sideline with about 1m to spare.

It was a moment that had Dolphins fans on their feet as they enjoyed the nail biter – the club’s first home game for the season at Moreton Daily Stadium.

Fuller is already a crowd favourite, scoring two tries in the 2018 Grand Final. He proved again on Saturday night that he can deliver, when it counts.

The Dolphins came back from being 16-4 down at half-time to win 24-22, after a penalty goal to Hayze Perham in the 79th minute.

The Dolphins play the Wynnum Manly Seagulls in round four at BMD Kougari Oval on Sunday at 2.10pm.

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