Stay safe: Help make this lockdown short

Stay safe: Help make this short lockdown

Mayor Peter Flannery has urged Moreton Bay Region locals to stay at home and abide by lockdown rules over the next three days, so we can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

South East Queensland will enter a three-day lockdown from 6pm tonight (29 June) through to 6pm Friday (2 July).

“I know the inconvenience of this during school holidays but three days of inconvenience could save us weeks of further lockdowns and even save lives,“ he said.

“We’ve all done this before and bounced back, if we band together again then we can be back to normal by the weekend.

“There’s no need for panic buying, supermarkets will still be open, but it will be mandatory to wear facemasks so ensure you have these at home and with you whenever you’re outside.

Stay home

“The safest thing to do this weekend is simply stay home or stay in your holiday accommodation if you’re already away.

“Looking around the world we know how quickly this lethal virus spreads and the havoc it could wreak on our community and economy.

“Council has cancelled all our scheduled events and activities over the next three days and, devastatingly, Abbey Festival and Old Petrie Town’s Steam Fair have both been cancelled too.

“But we need to do everything we can to ensure we don’t need a full scale lockdown.”

For the full list of impacted Council facilities and services visit:

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