Running his own race

Running his own race

Just six months ago, Craig Williams says he was unfit, unhealthy and reached a point when he realised he needed to make a drastic change.

When the 23-year-old stepped on the scales and saw he weighed 101kg, he decided enough was enough.

“I started boxing. I guess I was so angry that I was unfit and unhealthy, I said ‘I want to fight, I want to be a fighter’. So, I joined up a boxing gym (All Stars Boxing at Pine Rivers PCYC),” Craig says.

He also started running and before too long, set himself a goal to run 100km and raise money for charity.

On June 26, his 24th birthday, he will do just that, running from the Redcliffe Jetty to Tingalpa and back to raise money for Teen Challenge.

It will be part of the charity’s What’s Your 50? campaign to mark its 50th birthday. The organisation helps young people rebuild their lives.

“I’d already come up with running the 100km, so it’s What’s Your 50 x 2,” he say.

“I don’t know why I decided to do 100km. I did my first half marathon a couple of months ago and then I did another one the week after, and then I did another one two days later. I said, ‘great, I can do this’.

“Four weeks after that, I did a marathon distance. I just ran for four and a half hours.”

In serious training

The Redcliffe resident’s former physical education teacher now runs 100km races and has been providing helpful tips.

“Surprisingly, the thing I’m least stressed about is doing the distance. Because it’s my birthday, and I was going to organise some drinks with my friends afterwards, I’m trying to organise what time to book the table for because I don’t know how long it’s going to take. That’s my biggest concern,” he says.

“Doing it on my birthday is more incentive to actually get it done.”

Craig has lost 30kg, is feeling good and has started a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance.

“It’s such a bizarre change. I was kind of overweight in school in junior years and then I got really fit towards the end of school. Then, as soon as I finished school, I was back to square-one. The past four years have been lazy and unhealthy,” he says.

“I kept looking for motivation to get fit again and couldn’t find it. The 101kg has been the trigger for me. I’m so glad it happened because I’ve kind of wound back those four years.”

He is grateful to his employer, Warner Pool and Spa Care, for sponsoring him and supporting his run and training.


If you want to help Craig raise $5000 for Teen Challenge, visit

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