Rate relief for businesses, homeowners

Rate relief for businesses, homeowners

Flood-affected ratepayers across the Moreton Bay Region will receive rates relief, while community groups will be able to apply for flood recovery grants under new measures introduced by Council this morning.

Council called a special meeting to discuss measures to help the community in the wake of disastrous flooding that damaged more than 2500 properties and caused a raft of roads to be closed.

Mayor Peter Flannery says Council rates and charges relief and community grants will support the region’s recovery.

“It is envisaged that these initiatives will assist in the efficient and effective restoration of the region and will complement support packages announced by the State and Federal Government,” he says.

Among the relief approved today is a 30-day extension on the due date of April rates notices for all ratepayers, to July 30, and $250 rates rebates for owner-operated small business premises and residential owner-occupied properties that sustained significant damage from inundation.

Chief executive officer Greg Chemello says the Council’s rates hardship policy will still apply across the region, with the new measures costing ratepayers about $750,000.

As well, the Council’s Community Grants has been modified to pave the way for the new February 2022 Weather and Flood Event Recovery Grant, which will allow groups to apply for money to replace items such as equipment damaged or destroyed in the flood.

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