Quartet star at State titles

Quartet star at State titles

Four members of Grace Swimming, in Rothwell, starred for Sunshine Coast in the Queensland Schools State Championships at Chandler.

Olivia Smith, Macey Lawler, Max Cunningham and Lily Smith (pictured above) returned with one gold, four silver and three bronze medals, as well as 21 top 10 places!

Max Cunningham won gold in the 50m butterfly, silver in the 100m butterfly and freestyle and bronze at 50m freestyle. He also had seven top 10 places.

Lily Smith won silver in the medley relay and bronze in the freestyle relay and 50m backstroke. She had three other top 10 finishes.

Olivia Smith won silver in the 200m relay and had six top 10 places, while Macey Lawler had five top 10 finishes.

Max and Lily go forward to the national schools championships later this year.

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