GALLERY 1: Pictures show widespread damage from floodwaters

Pictures show widespread destruction from raging floodwaters

Locals have been sharing their best flood pictures from across the region to various community pages on Facebook, giving others a glimpse into the damage floodwaters caused on the weekend.

Images show water inundating homes and businesses, damaging vehicles, grounding planes at the Redcliffe aerodrome and destroying pathways along the waterfront. 

Many people have generously agreed to share their images with Moreton Daily. 

Planes grounded at Redcliffe Aerodrome 

Facebook user Stu Tait shared the above images from the Redcliffe Aerodrome following the weekend's deluge. 

The pictures clearly show how high the water rose against the sheds covering the airfield.

It is estimated Redcliffe received around 967mm of rain over the course of the weekend. 

Streets underwater 

Facebook user Christopher Mason Kratz shared the above images of local businesses that now have the mammoth effort of cleaning up following the deluge.

One of the images shows Pilpel Restaurant submerged by the murky water.

The owners have put calls out on their Facebook page asking for volunteers to assist with the recovery process. 

Waterfront areas washed away 

Facebook user Nick Lindsley shared the above images of footpaths and waterfront areas at Scarborough ruined by the fast-moving current of the water.

The pictures show how eroded the waterfront is, with tree roots visible through the gaping holes where sand and grass once was. 

Water rising quickly

Facebook user Keith Zgrajewski shared the above images which show how quickly water levels rose in Redcliffe.

You can see a white car was left worse for wear, with water creeping up to the door handles. 

Saving the bees 

It was a swift water rescue of a different kind when Bellmere Honey owners Cheryle and Todd Bartell ran into thigh-deep water to protect their beehives in Elimbah.

The pair, who have hives on various properties across the region, rescued almost 30 beehives in Elimbah in knee-high water. 

They were able to move the hives, which weight anywhere between 40-60kgs, just in the knick of time. 

A bird's eye view

North Brisbane Photography’s Maree Randle found a brief break in the weather to put up her drone about 4.20pm on Monday, capturing the above images showing the impact of weather on Burpengary and Burpengary East.

Sports fields washed out 

These photos above show how much water was on the field at Wolter Park in Albany Creek. 

The community rallied together on Monday night to start the cleanup process. 

Streets turn to waterways 

Facebook user Jay Garnham shared the above photo of Grant Street in Redcliffe after the water had dropped about six inches. 

You can see water lapping the surrounding businesses and cars. 

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