Olympics would turbocharge our region

Olympics would turbocharge our region

Moreton Bay Region could be a major winner if Brisbane wins the race to host the 2032 Olympic Games.

State Member for Bancroft Chris Whiting said a successful bid would mean “a sharp focus on the delivery of projects already in the pipeline”.

Brisbane has been named the “preferred host” for the 2032 Olympics by the International Olympic Committee, but the final decision will come from a full IOC vote.

Boon to the area

Mr Whiting said getting the Games would be a “boon to the Moreton Bay area as it would help drive the delivery of infrastructure projects”.

“We have great projects in various stages of planning and development such as the Moreton Connector (North-South Arterial) and duplication of the Sunshine Coast railway,” he said.

State and Federal Governments have already started the Deception Bay Rd overpass over the highway and the $620 million highway widening from Caboolture to Steve Irwin Way.

Olympics ready

“One of my biggest issues will be widening of Deception Bay Rd between the highway and Lipscombe Rd which is the only part of the road at a single lane either way.

“These are just some of the infrastructure projects we have in the pipeline and I will be following up on all of them to make our community ‘Olympics ready’.”

Mr Whiting would also like to see a second bridge over the Pine River and is keen for the region’s local sporting needs to be met.

“I know our local sports groups have got great ideas on how we can benefit from the Olympics,” he said.


Mayor Peter Flannery says Moreton Bay Regional Council is “already spending record amounts on sports infrastructure, but the Olympics would turbocharge that for our region”.

“I certainly hope to see a couple of events come our way and I’m thrilled to be working so closely across council boundaries with my colleagues in South East Queensland," he says.

“I’m sworn to secrecy about what we might get out of the Games, but I’m very excited about what it could do for our region.”

'Smart money'

The Mayor said “smart money” will be looking at Moreton Bay as the place with “land space available to build any new sporting facilities required".

“We’re not as constrained as other more developed areas of South East Queensland and we’ve got the transport connectivity to move crowds around quickly."

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