New model packed with features

New model packed with features

The HAVAL H6 offers the features of a high-end European car, for a fraction of the price, according to Village Motors Sales Specialist Leon Andrew.

Leon says word is spreading as Australian drivers discover the HAVAL H6 is exceptionally good value for money.

“It’s straight out of China, brand new technology, a lot of refinements. We have a cross section of the community who are buying these cars from young families to grey nomads who are looking at downsizing from the bigger car to a smaller family car,” he says.

“It has five seats and is full of luxury. All the technology is brand new, the ANCAP rating will be coming soon as far as safety is concerned.

“I can honestly tell you, even from a male’s point of view, I find the car aesthetically pleasing. I know from a female perspective, they find the exact same thing … the leather interior, the function, the ease in which the car can be driven, the power and the styling is something that draws attention to the vehicle very quickly.”

The Lux model has a full leather interior, 10.25 inch infotainment screen, another screen in front of the driver that has rear cross-traffic alert, sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, side-view camera, 360 degree camera and reverse camera.

Leon says the all-touch screen with apple play media is excellent for messaging, spotify or other streaming services.

The SUV has a 2L, petrol-only petrol engine.

Value for money

“You get all the functions you would get in the European top-of-the-range motor vehicles but this is reasonably priced. People are starting to realise with a seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty and five-year roadside assist, the vehicles represent excellent value-for-money,” Leon says.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress in the next 12-18 months, but with the addition of this brand new model, I can only see things going up and up.

“Haval is only relatively new to Australia. It has been around for over 16 years in China. In saying that, it is really starting to make its self known down here (in Australia). People are starting to realise they are an exceptionally good value-for-money motor vehicle. They don’t have to be paying top dollar to get all the technology, the aesthetics, and to get all the safety features in a motor vehicle.”

Leon says it is very smooth and fun to drive.

“For those people, who are a bit skeptical about the 2L turbo, I wouldn’t have any reservations about the vehicle. You can put it into a sports mode as well that gives you extra power and stiffening in the suspension and steering, which allows you to drive it like a sports car,” he says.

“The ease in which the car can be driven, the power and the styling is something that draws attention to the vehicle very quickly.”


The H6 2WD Premium is from $30,990

The Lux model is from $33,990

The Ultra model is from $36,990


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