School adventure begins for trio

New adventure for trio

Triplets Charlotte, Olivia and Georgia Robinson have done everything together until now but will be forging their own paths when they start Prep at Bounty Boulevard State School today.

When Moreton Daily met the youngsters and their mother Mum Steph Lamming last week, they were eager to meet their teacher and make new friends.

“Charlotte has asked every day for the last three weeks, ‘why can’t we start school now’,” Steph says.

“They’re definitely ready to go but it will be a big change for us all. Annabelle reads stories to them now and they want to be able to do that.

“Some days, I think I can’t wait for them to start school but other days I think I’ll really miss them.”

The girls have been together at child care but will embark on their school journey as individuals in three different classes.

“(At child care) none of the kids called them by their names, just called them the triplets. They were getting cross at people calling them the wrong names,” Steph says.

“I want to make it easier for the teacher and I don’t want them compared to each other in class.

“I want them to make their own friends and have their own identities. It’s a big enough school, they’ll be able to do that.”

As far as she knows, her girls are the only triplets in that year level.

New era for trio

Until now, they have done everything together so no doubt they will look forward to seeing each other at lunchbreak and in the playground.

“They’re very used to the school because we’ve done the school run (with Annabelle) for the last two years and they’ve gone to playgroup there and have seen some of the teachers,” Steph says.

“We have discussed it for two years that they’re going into separate (class) rooms.”

They have been using packed lunchboxes for months and practising the alphabet and writing in readiness for this week.

Despite all of this, Steph expects to shed a tear when she drops them off for the first time.

“When they play dolls, they never have one baby. There’s always three, four or five because it quite normal for them to have more than one,” she says.

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