Narangba Innovation Precinct study begins

Narangba Innovation Precinct study begins

Moreton Bay Regional Council is commencing the Narangba Innovation Precinct Study to better understand the economic value and environmental health impacts of the area.

Deputy Mayor Denise Sims says Council is carrying out a study that includes economic value and environmental health investigations to determine what Council’s response will be to the State Government’s Narangba Innovation Precinct (East) Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI).

“Moreton Bay Region is growing fast, and we need localised jobs to keep up with that demand, but we also want to minimise potential impacts of industry and business operations on residents’ current way of life,” the Deputy Mayor says.

“The Narangba Innovation Precinct is already an important economic centre and will become a key economic contributor to the region.

“It’s important that we do the groundwork now to make sure environmental health conditions within and around the precinct are better understood to support future planning and development.

“That’s why this week we’ll begin installing noise monitors at key locations to measure noise levels within, and background noise around, the precinct.”

Just the beginning

Council will also conduct other environmental health and economic value investigations in the coming months.

“This is a joint effort between Council and the State Government, who identified the Narangba Innovation Precinct as a major enterprise and industrial area of regional significance to South East Queensland,” she says.

“We want residents and businesses to be informed about this study from the beginning, so accurate and transparent information is available to the public, and this will inform decision-making for the precinct.

“I’ll also be personally involved in the Narangba Innovation Precinct Reference Group created and chaired by State MP for Bancroft, Chris Whiting.

“I’d like to thank Mr Whiting for his role as Chair and his dedication to keeping all stakeholders up to speed as we continue to create a bigger, bolder and brighter region.”

Mr Whiting says the reference group was established in the 1990s by the former Caboolture Shire Council to open lines of communication between residents, businesses and government agencies.

“The Narangba Innovation Precinct has been a critical part of the local economy for many years and keeps nearly 2000 locals in work,” Mr Whiting says.

“For years, the reference group has brought together the State Government, Council, local businesses and community representatives to exchange information about what’s happening in the precinct, and to address any issues that require attention.

“The reference group will help Council undertake consultation around any potential future planning scheme amendment. Any planning changes will need to ensure we can keep locals employed in local businesses and preserve the lifestyle we all enjoy.

“I look forward to working with everyone to ensure that this is achieved, and I thank Council for its diligent and thorough work on the Narangba Innovation Precinct Study.”

The reference group will meet two to three times a year.

Anyone wishing to raise an issue about the precinct can contact the reference group through Chris Whiting’s office on 3448 2100.

Visit Council’s website for more information about the study:

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