Murrumba Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Murrumba Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Moreton Daily invited candidates in the State Election to answer the same questions and provide a photo. Their responses are listed below in the same order their names will appear on the ballot paper. Some responses have been edited to ensure all are a similar length, and candidates receive fair and even treatment.

Name: Jason Kennedy

Party: The Greens

Profession: Merchandise manager

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Rebuilding Queensland, Revive Manufacturing in Queensland: Over the last thirty years Queensland has lost thousands of jobs in manufacturing as Labor and the LNP allowed crucial manufacturing industries to be offshored. It’s time to revive manufacturing in Queensland. But we can’t leave it up to the private sector.
  2. The Greens Cheaper Bills, More Jobs Plan: Cheaper Electricity Bills (100% publicly owned renewable energy). Right now our state owned energy companies are set up to run like private corporations, ripping people off with marked-up bills. While Labor’s privatisation of electricity retail has seen prices double in South East Queensland. Electricity is an essential service and should not be run to make a profit.
  3. Universal, free public healthcare and Education: Every year Queensland Health has to rent beds from private hospitals just to deal with the flu season. After the Covid-19 Crisis it’s clear we need to invest more in public healthcare. Genuinely Free State Schools, Public education should be free. But last year Queensland parents had to pay $89 million in school service fees, and millions more in extra costs.

Top 3 commitments:

  1. Free sport: The Greens will guarantee all Queenslanders under-18 a free season of organised sport every year by covering all registration costs, paid directly to clubs. We will also provide $10,000 grants to sports clubs to help upgrade facilities, recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and handle the extra registrations that will come with free sport. We’ll also give parents $150 rebate for the purchase of sports equipment.
  2. Construction Jobs for the public good: Queenslanders need jobs and they need homes, so the Greens will make big banks and massive mining corporations pay their fair share to create 20,000 jobs a year building 100,000 public homes.
  3. Free Public Transport: The Queensland Greens will scrap fares for free public transport across Queensland to cut congestion by taking thousands of cars off the road, and ensure everyone is able to travel around cities and towns regardless of their ability to pay.

Name: Karen Haddock

Party: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Suburb: Kallangur

Profession: Teacher

Top 3 issues to address:

Halt the attack on Australian Values: Push back against Cancel Culture and protect freedom of speech, religious freedom and traditional Australian values and lifestyle (such as recreational fishing). Protect traditions like Australia Day, Anzac Day, Christmas, and our Australian flag. Outlaw discrimination against men, boys, Christians and white people, including a ban on discriminatory ‘employment quotas’ and segregationist ‘safe spaces’. All people deserve to be treated equally.

Crime and Community Safety: Crime is out of control. I’ve personally been a victim of crime twice this year and I’m fed up. Our kids are getting assaulted by young thugs out on bail. We need to change the Bail Act to ensure that recidivist offenders on crime sprees can’t continue harming the community.

End political game playing: Tensions between the federal and state government major parties, has resulted in local people missing out. For years, the federal funding has been on the table for ramps on and off the Highway at Dohles Rocks Road. Nothing has happened because of political point scoring. Mango Hill State Secondary College also missed out on a swimming pool for the same reasons.

Top 3 key commitments:

Reform the Bail Act to stop young thugs charged with serious offences from getting bail.

Build a new Police Station at Murrumba Downs and a new Fire Station at Mango Hill

Address the disproportionate funding of some schools in the electorate to ensure great outcomes for all kids. It shocks me to see some of the neediest, doing it the toughest.

Name: Yvonne Barlow

Party: LNP (Liberal National Party)

Suburb: Kurwongbah

Profession: Real Estate Principal

Top 3 issues to address:

1. Crack down on youth crime with tougher laws, 24/7 monitoring of bailed offenders, mandatory detention for third convictions and increased early intervention and ensure we have more police including a 24-hour police station in North Lakes plus a Police Beat in Kallangur and Dakabin.

2. Help families break the cycle of ICE addiction with extra treatment services as part of four new dedicated rehab and detox facilities across Queensland

3. Bust congestion in our community as part of a $1 billion plan to upgrade roads and create over 3000 construction jobs in the southeast corner.

Top 3 key commitments:

1. Partner with the Federal Government to deliver the Dohles Rocks Rd on/off ramps to bust congestion and stop rat-running in our streets. We have $120 m promised by the Federal Government, so if the LNP and I are elected, we guarantee we will deliver the ramps.

2. Reduce cost-of-living pressures that have increased up to 20 per cent under Labor, by guaranteeing no new taxes and making fuel retailers report real-time prices.

3. Be an elected member who works with the community and not only supports small businesses but is also focused on creating jobs by investing in major projects across the state helping industries to rebuild and grow.

Name: Stewart Clarke

Party: Independent

We have been unable to contact Mr Clarke as his details are not listed on the ECQ website.

Name: Steven Miles

Party: Labor

Suburb: Mango Hill

Profession: Deputy Premier and Health Minister

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Jobs
  2. Health
  3. Infrastructure

Top 3 commitments:

  1. Keep Queenslanders safe and deliver Queensland’s economic recovery plan to create jobs and back our local businesses in Murrumba.
  2. Deliver our $2.1 billion congestion busting plan to build the Moreton Connector between Griffin and Mango Hill, the ramps at Murrumba Downs/Griffin and upgrade the Gateway Motorway and Bruce Highway.
  3. Fund and build 200 new car parks at Mango Hill Train Station for Mango Hill commuters.

Name: Leichelle McMahon

Party: Qld Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party

Suburb: Murrumba Downs of 17 years

Profession: Small Business Owner & Mum of 2

Top 3 issues to address:

Keep the government and departments honest and to account

Stop the wastage of money

Look after the Murrumba Electorate - put Murrumba first - meet with the residents - something Murrumba has missed out on. More policies will go up on my facebook page about firearms, health, farming, water and environment

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. Listen to the residents in the Murrumba electorate - they are the boss
  2. See all residents who need help with issues and address the issues or be able to help solve issues with in a timely matter
  3. I have been lobbying parliment and departments last 2 years - very passionate about keeping government, their departments and agents honest and accountable - and will continue my passion for this.

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