Morayfield Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Morayfield Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Moreton Daily invited candidates in the State Election to answer the same questions and provide a photo. Their responses are listed below in the same order their names will appear on the ballot paper. Some responses have been edited to ensure all are a similar length, and candidates receive fair and even treatment.

Name: Amy Smith

Party: The Greens

Suburb: Caboolture

Profession: Managing Law Clerk and part-time student

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Cost of living: Well before covid-19 hit, many households were struggling to meet household expenses and struggling to get by week to week with many people already having to access support from local charities. Covid has only worsened this situation.
  2. Education: Queensland public education is the most underfunded in Australia and has meant that pressure has been put on both parents and teachers to pick up the slack. Queensland also has the highest rate of child poverty in the country.
  3. Environment: The environment covers many issues including deforestation, loss of biodiversity in our ecosystems and climate change.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. Cost of Living: The Greens’ plan will see 2,790 jobs per year created in the Moreton Bay Region through 8,500 more public homes and 8 Community Health clinics with bulk billing GPs. Household expenses will be reduced by providing free public transport to all and a 46% reduction in electricity.
  2. Education: The Greens will make public education genuinely free by abolishing all state school service fees, excursion and text costs and will implement free breakfast and lunch programs.
  3. Environment: The Greens plan to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 through the building of 100% publicly owned renewable energy throughout the State which will also create 23,000 much needed long-term jobs

Name: Theresa Craig

Party: LNP

Suburb: Maleny

Profession: Small Business Owner and Cattle Breeder

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. The LNP has a plan to stimulate the economy, create a decade of secure jobs and lead Queensland out of this recession. Before Covid Queensland had more bankruptcies, the lowest business confidence and the highest unemployment rate in the nation.
  2. The LNP will build new roads, dams and bridges – Labor has ripped $12 billion out of Queensland’s infrastructure budget, and areas like Morayfield have been left behind.
  3. The LNP will spend $300 million to slash hospital waiting lists by working with the private sector so people are not waiting YEARS for life-changing surgery and treatment. Labor has had five years to deliver better frontline health for Queenslanders, but we still have ambulance ramping, and unacceptable waitlists for Queenslanders.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. The LNP will cut land tax, for new build-to-rent housing projects to create thousands of construction jobs and secure investment in Queensland. This will create 4000 construction jobs and 4000 new homes over the next ten years.
  2. The LNP will cut power costs for manufacturing businesses that employ 163,000 Queenslanders. Cheaper electricity prices will make Queensland a manufacturing power house and help give young people and apprentices a steady stream of jobs.
  3. Every Queenslander who has registered a car will get a $300 rebate before Christmas – injecting $1.15 billion into the local economy, boosting small business in the lead up to Christmas.

Name: Rodney Hansen

Party: One Nation

Suburb: Morayfield

Profession: Retired

Top 3 issues to address: Growth – Unemployment – Crime.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. Growth- Due to the rapid growth in our region and lack of infrastructure planning by past and current levels of government, we are now seeing our communities struggling and playing catch up. We need grass root community consultation with all levels of government to bring development and infrastructure into line while maintaining community lifestyle.
  2. Unemployment - With the rapid growth comes unemployment. We are fortunate that we live in one of the food bowls of Australia. We are situated on major rail lines, on main highways north and south and neighbouring an airport. We have plenty of suitable industrial land to encourage warehousing, cold storage and distribution to the major markets of Australia. This to rival the Rocklea Market Precinct. With this comes jobs, and not jobs for 10 hours a week but jobs that people can plan a life.
  3. Crime- Crime in our area is out of control. The building of extra police stations does not deal with the cause and only clogs our court systems leading to frustration for all involved. We need to involve all the leaders from our community to deal with the grass roots problems before they become major problems and crime.

Name: Grant Matthews

Party: Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP)

Suburb: Morayfield

Profession: Self-employed electrical contractor

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Every Australian should be concerned about body autonomy, erosion of rights and loss of freedom of choice. Australians are on a slippery slope to mandatory vaccination and coerced, forced medication.
  2. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare state that 54% of Australians have a chronic health condition. Why does Australia have a health epidemic and why is NO other political party addressing this fact? The time is now to build a healthier and happier nation.
  3. Provide local and small businesses support and assistance in order to maintain operation and growth. Protect cash and Australian business and assets.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. My pledge to all Queenslanders is within 6 months of being elected I will work with all doctors and give them verified science, independent research and the factual information.
  2. Protect freedom of health choice, ensure full informed consent is provided by all doctors for all medical procedures, include mandatory reporting of all adverse drug events. Conduct studies comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children in Australia.
  3. Together, united, let’s build a strong, happy, healthy, abundant community in all areas and make Australia the lucky country it once was. I will demand truth, transparency and accountability in politics.

Name: Jason Snow

Party: Independent

Profession: House manager and Case co-ordinator for Disability

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Crime: Morayfield has the Police Minister as the Current MP and yet it is one of the worst areas for crime.
  2. Unemployment: The amount of empty shopfronts in the seat of Morayfield is a key indicator that we have a serious unemployment issue.
  3. Youth: Youth crime is getting out of hand, I want to help get the youth onto the right path and become valued members of our society.

Top 3 Commitments:

  1. More Police on the ground.
  2. Bring jobs back to our region
  3. Tougher punishments for child sex offenders

Name: Mark Ryan

Party: Labor

Suburb: Caboolture South

Profession: Member of Parliament

Top 3 issues to address

Health. Jobs. Economy. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s strong health response to COVID-19 has kept Queenslanders safe and made it possible for us to start our economic recovery. Labor’s Economic Recovery Plan is already underway, supporting jobs and small business, and delivering important infrastructure upgrades for our community.

This election, voters need to make a choice about who they trust to keep them safe from COVID-19, who they trust to lead Queensland’s COVID-19 recovery, and who they trust to deliver for our community. We cannot put our recovery at risk with the cuts and chaos of Deb Frecklington and the LNP.

Top 3 key commitments

  1. Health – continuing the $400m redevelopment of the Caboolture Hospital, $35m for a new public health facility, and investing in local Ambulance services
  2. Education – continuing the rollout of airconditioning to all state schools, two new school halls, and planning for a new school at Burpengary East
  3. Community Facilities – funding for the new Caboolture PCYC and local sporting clubs

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