Meet the candidates for Division 7

Meet the candidates for Division 7

Early voting has begun for the Moreton Bay Regional Council by-election, with more than 1500 votes cast in person by close of business on Wednesday.

Residents in Division 7, which takes in Dakabin, Murrumba Downs and parts of Griffin and Kallangur, can cast their vote at the Returning Officer’s office at Lillybrook Shopping Village at the corner of Old Gympie and Brickworks roads, Kallangur.

The office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and until 6pm on December 3.

Polling booths across Division 7 will open on Saturday, December 4 from 8am-6pm.

Our guide to the six Div 7 candidates 

Yvonne Barlow

Party: LNP member, but running as an Independent.

Suburb: I’ve lived in the current Div 7 area for over 30 years. Live in Kurwongbah on acreage

Occupation: Real Estate Agent, selling to residents not developers

Three issues I will address:

1. Narrow streets forcing residents to park on footpaths. Not enough for two cars to pass

2. More community events (like Kallangur Christmas in the Street) bringing the community together

3. Listening to residents’ needs - engage the community more in decision making.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. Upgrade of Alma Rd - it’s dangerous as is.

2. Better streetscapes, especially in Kallangur. The area is looking tired and aging. Need to beautify it.

3. Fulfilling the promises in the current Budget and working with the community to give Division 7 residents a quality lifestyle

Dean Teasdale

Party: Independent

Suburb: Murrumba Downs

Occupation: Small Business Manager

Three issues I will address:

1. Better Council services delivered from a local perspective.

2. Better parks, community facilities and local roads.

3. More say in your Council with residents helping to set the Council’s priorities through consultation.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. Roads, Rates and Rubbish: Fix our roads for congestion now and for future growth. Stop increasing rates more than CPI. Provide a green waste bin service option and more hard rubbish collection options.

2. Nurture the Economy: Make it easier for people to do business in the region. Support local business and workers. Give preference to local businesses for contracts. Create training and career opportunities.

3. Protect the Environment: Plant more vegetation and protect our green spaces. Improve the tree canopy cover across the division and create an urban forest. Implement a better koala policy. Do our part to deliver a net zero carbon future.

Ryan Bakker

Party: Independent, member of ALP Kallangur branch.

Suburb: Kallangur

Occupation: Tradesman – flooring

Three issues I will address:

1. Access to me will be as easy as I can make it – I will hold regular listening posts or mobile offices in the community and get back to you when you call me. I will be accessible to our community to hear your concerns – I live here in Division 7 and will be someone you can come up to for a chat.

2. I am keen to focus on safety, whether that’s out on our streets for our pedestrians or drivers, out in our parks for our kids, locals walking or exercising with pets and just decent lighting and/or access for our disabled residents in council areas or businesses.

3. I want out division and region to be a place where our kids can work, learn and play and where they can still see a koala in the wild and be amazed.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. Continue Denise Sims’ hard work carried on and projects that have already been approved under her time as councillor I’ll see finished.

2. Residents would like to see more [parks or upgrades; I will work to deliver this.

3. We know people want to live here but we need to get the balance right at each development we approve – habitat, density and infrastructure.

Brett Hayes

Party: Independent

Suburb: Strathpine

Occupation: Electorate Officer, former Police Officer

Three issues I will address:

1. Reducing traffic congestion and getting better roads, parks and transport links.

2. Improving planning to ensure we retain the unique character of our suburbs.

3. Keeping rates low.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. A new PCYC in Division 7.

2. Reducing crime and improving community safety through CCTV.

3. More local jobs through council projects.

Jacqui Findlay

Party: Independent

Suburb: Kippa-Ring

Occupation: I am currently studying full time towards a Bachelor of Social Sciences (psychology) and I’m also working full time in the city in an admin position. I also am a mum of 3 girls, 6, 4, and 1.

Three issues I will address:

1. Infrastructure before development to reduce the long-term inconvenience to residents.

2. Improve exercise facilities and building new local sporting facilities for adults and kids.

3. Sufficient off-road parking for high density housing estates so cars aren’t clogging local roads.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. Ensuring that developers follow the MRBC planning scheme to give certainty to existing residents that the rules won’t just be changed to suit the whims of the developers.

2. To undertake real consultation with the residents on developments that affect them.

3. To improve local parks particularly with more toilets, baby change facilities, dog parks, exercise equipment and sporting facilities.

Ben Wood

Party: Independent

Suburb: Petrie

Profession: Social Media Manager

Three issues I will address:

1. During my campaign, I’ve met with Division 7 residents and the subject of having stronger community connections has been at the forefront. Ensuring residents can safely connect to shops, facilities, schools, parks and green spaces through enhanced and new footpaths and cycleways is important.

2. As Division 7 grows, managing future housing developments will be key. My role will be to engage the community and ensure future developments reflect the expectations of impacted residents.

3. Developing community pride by creating opportunities for residents to connect with one another and creating opportunities for young people to be involved with community is also an important to residents. If elected I will strive to be the connection between Division 7 and the council so the community’s ideas and feedback are represented.

Three key commitments I will work to see to fruition:

1. I will commit to being a representative that is accessible and available, who will work with Division 7 ensuring their voice is heard in council.

2. I will commit to progressing the delivery of current Division 7 projects.

3. I will commit to working with Division 7 to support community connection and enhancement.

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