Make your pooch your co-worker for the day

Make your pooch your co-worker for the day

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day tomorrow, June 24, and RSPCA Queensland explains why making your pooch a co-worker for the day is a good idea and the five things to consider.

RSPCA spokeswoman Emma Lagoon says dogs can help everyone in the workplace de-stress.

“Dogs create great conversation starters and improve colleague communication. They’re a real morale and bonding booster to have around,” Emma says.

“In workplaces, not every human gets along, but we can certainly agree and bond over patting adorable canines.”

Emma says if your pet loves going on outings and is naturally sociable around people, visiting your workplace could be a great chance for them to have a fun day out.

“Meeting new people and pets can be really rewarding for your dog, but just remember - every dog is an individual and some may prefer the comforts of home to a new environment,” she says.

Six things to consider

#1 Firstly, your dog should be socialised with other dogs and people

#2 Check no one at your workplace is allergic to dogs and ask them if bringing your dog to work could adversely affect their health

#3 Some work environments may not be appropriate or safe for dogs, so it is important to find this out in advance

#4 Don’t forget to pack your companion’s essentials such as treats, water and a bowl, bedding, favourite toys and, of course, poop bags

#5 Ensure your dog will have access to areas for toilet breaks if your workplace is indoors

#6 Another good tip is to familiarise yourself with dog body language and know when your pet has had enough socialising and needs to rest. Having a safe space or dog crate with their favourite items to retreat to is a good option.

If you can’t bring your dog to work but want to help other homeless pets, perhaps your workplace can donate to the RSPCA for Take Your Dog to Work Day to help animals in need.

Why owning a dog is good for you?

Emma says there are studies that show owning a pet can positively affect our health both physically and mentally.

“When you own a dog, you’re naturally more inclined to be active by getting out and about through playtime in the yard, walks, or day trips with them,” she explains.

“Dogs are great companions because they’re always there for us, good or bad day, they lend a paw and show off their wagging tail when we get home. They’re a real morale booster and have unconditional love for their owners. When you’re a dog owner, you’re truly blessed.”

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