Tropical Cyclone Seth to bring high swells to coastal regions

High swells set to impact coastal regions

Moreton Bay residents who live near the water are being urged to prepare for localised flooding, with king tides expected to hit the coastline as a result of Tropical Cyclone Seth.

The region has already started to see some impacts from the cyclone, with water pummeling the Red Cliffs, seeping over roads and lapping bridges in the Scarborough and Redcliffe regions.

This morning's high tide saw seawater from Deception Bay pushed up storm drains to flood Reef Point Esplanade and Second Avenue at Scarborough.

A Bureau of Meteorology Spokesman said low lying areas of the peninsula, and the surrounding islands, will experience the worst of the tides early this week.

“The combination of spring tides and the impact of Tropical Cyclone Seth will potentially see some low-lying coastal regions inundated over the coming days,” the spokesman said.

“Higher than normal tides will be seen across the region from Monday to Wednesday, easing more on Thursday."

High Tide information

The region can expect higher swells of seawater of the coming days, with a high tide of 2.73m forecast for 10.01am on Monday, according to the Brisbane Bar Tide.

On Tuesday, a 2.74m tide is forecast for 10.50am.

On Wednesday, a 2.68m level is likely at 11.36am.

Tropical Cyclone Seth’s movements

The Bureau of Meteorology website states Tropical Cyclone Seth is “moving in a southerly direction and has maintained Category 1 intensity. It has started to transition into a sub-tropical system and should slow down and turn towards the southwest on Sunday afternoon”.

“On Monday, Seth is expected to be weakening as it transitions further into a sub-tropical system.

“Movement beyond this time becomes uncertain, however there is a general indication that it will drift westward closer to or over the Australian coast during next week.

“The tropical cyclone is not expected to directly impact the coastline in the next 48 hours, however it will cause dangerous surf and abnormally high tides about the southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales coastlines from Sunday.”

Stay up to date

Moreton Bay Regional Council is urging residents to be prepared for high swells over the coming days by visiting Council’s website to keep up to date on disaster information on the disaster portal, road closures and sandbag stations.

Residents are also being urged to log onto the Bureau of Meteorology website for updates and weather warnings regarding Tropical Cyclone Seth.

Residents should also remember to not walk, ride or drive through floodwaters.

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