Help find ways to save water

Help find ways to save water

Unitywater is urging residents across the region to do a quick assessment of their home, business or garden and help save water.

Despite rain in March-May, South East Queensland's combined dam levels were at their lowest levels for May in a decade – and water restrictions are a possibility this year.

Seqwater's Grid 12 collective dam storage is at 60.1 per cent. North Pine Dam, with a reduced capacity of 68 per cent due to upgrade work, was this week at 67.1 per cent and Lake Kurwongbah at 99.8 per cent.

Ways to save

But, Unitywater says we need to explore ways to save water, from using a broom instead of a hose for outdoor cleaning, to installing a winter pool cover to reduce water top ups.

“As we head into our dry season, we encourage everyone to make small changes and be part of a big collective effort to help save water,” Unitywater Communications and Engagement Manager, Jana Dore says.

“With less rain, we tend to use more water to top up our pools, water our lawns and wash our cars. It means our storages take a double hit and fall more quickly than in summer months.

Use a broom

“There are lots of easy and cost-effective ways to help save water.

“Using a broom or leaf blower instead of a hose to clean outdoor areas, installing water efficient shower heads or simply cutting showers to four minutes are great places to start.

“Drought tolerant plants, brooms, buckets, hose trigger nozzles and other water efficient devices are available from local hardware stores or garden centres.

“These small changes can make a big difference and we thank residents and businesses for all of their water-saving efforts.”

Top tips

  • Checking for hidden leaks
  • Keeping showers to four minutes
  • Turning the tap off when brushing teeth
  • Only using dishwashers and washing machines when they’re full
  • Using a pool cover to reduce evaporation
  • Watering gardens at cooler times of the day
  • Fixing leaking taps and toilets.

For water-saving resources, including tips and how to check for leaks, visit

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