Don’t let a flat tyre deflate your holiday plans

Don’t let a flat tyre deflate your holiday plans

Vehicle safety should be number one on the preparation list as people prepare for holiday travel according to Bridgestone Murrumba Downs manager Lee Moore.

Lee says it is important to ensure vehicles are in tip-top condition to prevent accidents.

He says while engine condition is important, tyres are the foundation that have an impact on safety features and vehicle performance.

“Tyres may look fine, but they will be markedly safer, perform better and be more fuel efficient if they are optimally balanced and correctly inflated,” Lee says.

“In fact, running a tyre just 20 per cent under-inflated can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 per cent - that’s a lot to pay for just a little fresh air.

“Most importantly though, it is plain dangerous.”

Lee says if tyres are not correctly inflated vehicles will not accelerate, brake or steer properly.

“Safety devices like antilock braking systems may not function properly – and driving an under-inflated or overloaded tyre at high speeds, especially on a hot summer day, increases the risk of a dangerous blow-out.”

Tips for caravans and trailers

Bridgestone Strathpine store manager Rob Cameron says the increasing popularity of caravanning and camping presents another set of challenges for motorists and it is important to ensure vans and boat trailers are roadworthy.

“When caravans and trailers stand in one place for an extended period, their tyres will probably develop a flat spot from the prolonged tyre pressure,” Rob says.

“Ideally, you should remove the wheel and tyre and put the caravans and trailers on a stand while they’re not being used.

“If it is too late now, I would strongly advise owners to have their tyres’ condition checked at a reputable service centre.”

Boaties should also have their trailers checked, he says.

“Wheel bearings, particularly those on boat trailers which are exposed to salt water, should be checked for corrosion,” Rob says.

Bridgestone at Strathpine and Murrumba Downs offer free 10-point safety checks.

Lee says the checks involve all tyres, including the spare for tread depth and pressure, the front and rear shock absorbers, the brake pads, discs and fluid, as well as the battery, exhaust and wiper blades.”


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