Community rallies around injured officers

Community rallies around injured officers

Moreton Bay District’s top police officer has thanked the public for their outpouring of support towards three of his colleagues who were injured in a high-speed collision at Caboolture on the weekend.

A 37-year-old male Senior Constable, a 24-year-old male first-year Constable and 23-year-old female police recruit were all injured following a head-on crash on River Drive about 2.50pm on Saturday.

It is alleged the driver of the second car was trying to evade police as they responded to an alleged stabbing in nearby Moon St only minutes beforehand.

Moreton District Officer Superintendent John Hallam says one of the injured officers is still in intensive care.

“The Senior Constable is still in ICU at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital in a serious but stable condition,” Supt Hallam says.

“He has undergone many hours of surgery and has a very long road to recovery.

“The first-year Constable and police recruit have been released from hospital and are recovering at home.

“I and many other police have spent hours over the past days with the families and friends of the injured officers.

“The Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, attended the hospital on Sunday morning and spent time with the first-year Constable, the police recruit and the families of all the officers.

“We will continue to support the officers and families through this very challenging time.”

Supt Hallam says the police force is rallying behind their colleagues and their families during this difficult time.

“Policing is family, and like many families we come together to support each other and the gather behind those in need,” he says.

“We are providing support to the family of the Senior Constable and this support will continue until no longer required.

“The police service, in partnership with the police union and Community Supporting Police Helping Hands, is assisting the family with things like accommodation close to the hospital, meals and someone to lean on when needed.”

Well respected members of the community

Supt Hallam says the three officers involved in Saturday’s accident are “dedicated” officers who proudly uphold the police values of protecting and serving their community.

“The Senior Constable is a widely respected and valued leader of the policing team at Caboolture. He is a dedicated police officer who takes great pride in his work and making sure the community is safe,” Supt Hallam says.

“The first-year Constable is a highly motivated and dedicated police officer who, even in the short time he has been in the district, has demonstrated a willingness to do his best every day.

“The police recruit has already shown she has what it takes to do well in this job, and I will watch her career with interest.”

Community sends their well wishes

The outpouring of support from the community to the men and women in blue has been felt by the entire force, Supt Hallam says.

“The community support and well wishes have been overwhelming and I thank the Moreton Bay community for this,” he says.

“The QPS is working with the police union to launch a fundraising initiative to assist the Senior Constable. Once the details are known, we will pass it onto community.

“Members of the community are already dropping in messages of support to Caboolture Station which will be passed onto the officers. So, if members of the community have messages they want passed onto the injured officers, feel free to drop them into your nearest police station.”

Supt Hallam is pleading with the community to respect one another and not resort to violence in difficult situations.

“One thing the community can do is please treat each other with dignity and respect,” he says.

“Don’t use violence to solve your problems. If you feel overwhelmed, walk away and seek help from the many support agencies who are out there.”

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