Clontarf artist over the moon to be part of space time capsule project

Clontarf artist over the moon to be part of space time capsule project

Clontarf artist Tricia Reust’s creations are out of this world, or at least they will be when her artworks are sent to the moon as part of a special project being launched by SpaceX and NASA.

The Moreton Bay artist is one of thousands of artists to be featured as part of the Lunar Codex project, which will see three time capsules full of books, stories, poetry, music, essays and more be launched into space.

The time capsules make up a bigger project that will see humans land back on the moon in 2024, more than five decades after the original moon landing.

Tricia's legacy will be immortalised at the ‘Museum on the Moon’ following her two appearances on the art television show, Put Some Colour In Your Life, with all 22 seasons of the documentary chosen to be included in the Lunar Codex.

While Tricia never dreamt of being an astronaut, she is “absolutely delighted” to have a part of her travel to the cosmos.

“When an artist creates something, it becomes a big part of you and who you are as a person, so to think a tiny part of me is going to the moon, that’s pretty surreal,” she says.

“But it is not just me going into space - there is also going to be a piece of Redcliffe up there because I have images of our beautiful Redcliffe.

“The idea that my artworks will be seen by future generations, and even strike a chord with them, it’s pretty incredible to think about.”

A window to the past 

Also excited to be displayed on another planet is the CEO and founder of the television series, Graeme Stevenson OAM.

Graeme created the documentary and then distributed it to networks in more than 50 countries, as well as many online streaming services and smart television apps.

"When I began this business back in 2009, my vision was to build a library of the minds of artists, preserving a digital record of creative spirit, culture, and techniques for future generations”, he says.

“I had no idea that the library would be kept on the moon. It’s pretty mind blowing.

“We don’t know how long it will be there for, maybe millions of years, or who will see them, so it’s pretty exciting.”

The rocket that will house the contemporary art pieces is called The Polaris Collection and is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

Future travellers or extra-terrestrial life will be able to view the pieces with digital and analog technology, giving them a window into the past.

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