Catch-up in Redcliffe sparks life-changing Keno win

Catch-up in Redcliffe leads to life-changing Keno win

A Keno ticket bought in Redcliffe has delivered an early Christmas present of more than $188,000 to a woman from the Sunshine Coast.

The Keno 9 Spot winning entry, purchased at the Belvedere Hotel in Woody Point, won $188,464.00.

Speaking to a Keno official this morning to confirm her win, the woman explained how a pre-Christmas catch-up in Redcliffe led to her windfall.

“Oh my god! This is insane!” she cried. “I was just down in Redcliffe visiting my family, and we went to the pub. I put a Keno ticket on but left before the draw.

“What’s funny is I normally put a 10 Spot ticket on and thought I’d grabbed a 10 Spot ticket on Saturday. 

'I never win'

“Yesterday, my brother told me someone had won a 9 Spot prize at the Belvedere Hotel. I didn’t even think it could be me.

“I thought, ‘I’d never win that kind of prize’. Also, as I normally put on a 10 Spot ticket, I thought, ‘oh well, it wouldn’t have been me’.

“But then, I saw I still had the ticket in my wallet, and I thought I’d check it. It’s definitely meant to be. How crazy is that?! It’s insane!

“It’s unbelievable! It’s life changing. It may not be a million dollars, but it’s life-changing for me.

“We’ve been wanting to do some home renovations for a long time and were looking at refinancing the house in January. Now we don’t have to do that! That’s an amazing feeling!”

Lucky charm

Belvedere Hotel marketing and events manager Sarah Casey said: “The win is the talk of the venue, with lots of people asking who put the ticket on for the customer.

"She may have just become everyone’s lucky charm!

“We’re just so happy a Belvedere customer has had the experience of a lifetime in our pub. Congratulations and we’re sure this will be their best Christmas yet!

“We have some pretty good Keno winners every year or so, but we’ve had nothing major for four years and nothing this big.”

Keno wins

In the 12 months to June 30, 2021, Keno players across the eastern states of mainland Australia celebrated more than 64 million wins collectively worth more than $853 million.

During this time, Keno crowned 19 millionaires and multi-millionaires who collectively took home more than $43.69 million. 

Eight of these major prize winners were from Queensland, including a Gladstone man who won a Keno Classic 10 Spot prize of $2.16 million.

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