Big walk to get tails wagging

Big walk to get tails wagging

Moreton Bay dog owners are being encouraged to grab the lead and hit the pavement with their four-legged besties to help raise money for the RSPCA.

Registrations are now open for this year’s Million Paws Walk, which is held nationally throughout the month of May.

Once again, this year’s event will be a virtual walk, where participants clock their own kilometres and ask their friends and family to sponsor them.

Participants are urged to walk at least 30 minutes every day as part of the challenge.

RSPCA spokeswoman Emma Lagoon says every cent raised from the fundraiser will go towards helping animals in need.

"This year in Queensland our Million Paws Walk is a virtual event that anyone can get involved in to raise much needed funds for animals in need and end animal cruelty,” Emma says.

“It's a great time to get out and about with your dog, walk together every day in May and fundraise for the RSPCA."

According to the RSPCA, roughly 30,000 dogs end up at an RSPCA shelter every year, equating to 82 dogs every day.

How your donation helps

As outlined on the Million Paws Walk website:

  • $100 – Will pay to care for a dog in a shelter for three days.
  • $250 – Will pay to care for a dog in a shelter for one week.
  • $500 – Will pay to care for a dog in a shelter for two weeks.
  • $1000 – Will pay to care for a dog in a shelter for one month.

How to register

If you would like to take part in the Million Paws Walk and raise money for the RSPCA, register here.

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