Australia Day Fun Facts

Australia Day Fun Facts

On Australia Day we celebrate all things Aussie, but do you know the reason behind why we don green and gold or why Lamingtons are classic Australian treats? No? Then read on to learn a little about some of our Aussie traditions and sharpen your Aussie slang words. 

Here are some fun Aussie facts 

Stale Cake 

It's true, Australian's have turned 'stale cake' into a national symbol with the 'Lamington'! Essentially sponge cake dipped in a chocolate sauce and covered with coconut shards, it is theorised that the lamington was the invention of Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901, to use-up stale cake. With no refrigeration at the time, Lord Lamington must have enjoyed many a coconut covered treat with his cup of tea.

Green and Gold 

Whilst green and gold are not colours found in the Australian flag, they have long been associated with Australian national sporting team uniforms, the first being the Australian cricket team in 1899. It wasn't until 1984 that Governor-General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephen officially established them as national colours of Australia and they continue to this day to be embraced by our national sporting teams.

Gold represent the Australian national flower the golden wattle (Acacia pycanantha), featured on the Coat of arms of Australia.

Aussie Slang

No one does 'slang' better than a Aussie. We have perfected the art of taking a perfectly normal phrase and turning it into something that sounds entirely different! Here's 20 Aussie slang phrases or words for you to test out:

  1. G'Day mate: Hello
  2. The Bottle-o: Shop that sells alcoholic drinks
  3. Maccas: McDonaldsventra
  4. Arvo: Afternoon
  5. Barbie: Barbeque
  6. Shrimp on the barbie: cooking prawns on a hot plate or barbeque
  7. Fair dinkum: Honest and genuine
  8. No worries mate: Not a problem
  9. Ripper: really great
  10. Stubbie holder: insulated holder for beer or a soft drink can
  11. Thongs: Slip on rubber shoe also known as flip-flops or jangles
  12. Sweet, as: Awesome
  13. Togs: Swim suit
  14. Slab: 24-pack of beer
  15. Sickie: Sick day, unwell and unable to work
  16. She'll be right: everything is going to be all right
  17. Roo: Adult kangaroo
  18. Esky: Insulated cooler to keep drinks and food cool when filled with ice
  19. Chockers: very full, no room
  20. Mozzie: Mosquito

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