An intimate evening of music and loss

An intimate evening of music and loss

An intimate evening of music, art, tributes and loss will be held at the Petrie School of Arts next month as part of the Anywhere Festival.

Titled Somewhere in the Light, the evening features Mira Chorik, who is an artist and award-winning songwriter, and Gillian Love, a cellist, vocalist, singer, songwriter, actor and writer.

Throughout the course of the evening, the artists wonder out loud what it is to remember well, and to honour the gifts we carry from those who are no longer present.

Emerging from the shadows of a global pandemic, many have been denied access to important rituals of death because they have not been able to travel to attend funerals or sit at the bedside of dying loved ones.

The pandemic has limited avenues of collective mourning and changed the way we say goodbye.

Somewhere in the Light aims to hold space for losses that have not been able to be publicly acknowledged because of lockdowns, restrictions, mandates and border closures.

Producer Mira Chorik says “from previous events, the most common audience feedback is how connected to others it makes them feel and how unusual this space is… that it can be hard to talk about loss without feeling like a burden and that opportunities to listen deeply are rare. People express gratitude for a gentle space of sadness held without solutions being presented: just silent archival art, real stories and songs that came from loss.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: The performance contains themes of loss, death and dying. Parental guidance is recommended.


Somewhere in the Light will be held at the Petrie School of Arts, located at 1018 Anzac Ave, Petrie, on June 4.

It will run for two hours from 7-9pm.

Bookings can be made at

If you have a personal story of unacknowledged loss through pandemic times, you are warmly invited to share it here.

More about the festival

The Anywhere Festival, which takes place across numerous dates in Moreton Bay, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, is about taking performances away from traditional theatres and out to local streets, parks, community halls, urban spaces and businesses.

This year’s Anywhere Festival will be held in Moreton Bay from May 14 to June 5, featuring an array of live bands, musical theatre, contemporary dance, Shakespeare, circus acts, big bands, comedy and even costume making workshops.

The full list of events is now live and can be viewed on the Moreton Bay Anywhere Festival website.

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