About #MoretonBayTough

About #MoretonBayTough

Times are tough, Moreton Bay is tougher

What is Moreton Bay Tough?

The COVID-19 global pandemic is having unprecedented impacts on the world, and unfortunately Moreton Bay Region is no different.

The negative effects of the crisis are being felt close to home with many of the region’s businesses, including small businesses, being forced to close or their operations significantly impacted.

As a result, many individuals within our community are facing the tough reality of job loss and financial pressures, like never-before.

Despite this, the Moreton Bay community are uniting to foster a culture of resilience, perseverance, innovation and community-spirit to rise above these tough times and support one another.

Businesses are evolving entire business models and thinking outside of the square to keep their doors open and their employees in a job.

In turn, the community are looking for ways to support local businesses and each other.

This is #Moretonbaytough

To highlight the inspiring stories and to cultivate the region’s community spirit, Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT), in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council and USC, supported by 16 business partners, have developed the Moreton Bay Tough campaign.

This positive community engagement initiative will showcase the good-news stories of businesses and individuals, highlighting their resilience in the face of adversity.

Moreton Bay Tough will aim to pull on their heartstrings and appeal to their sense of pride as a Moreton Bay local - inspiring the community to rally together to help those that need it most.

#MoretonBayTough will:

  • Foster community-pride and community-spirit by sharing and celebrating heart-warming stories
  • Encourage resilience, perseverance and innovation by sharing and celebrating creative business ideas through storytelling and testimonials
  • Encourage the community (including businesses and individuals) to support local businesses where possible, and provide practical examples and recommendations to do so
Is your business #MoretonBayTough?

Does your business have a story of resilience, innovation, collaboration or just a good-news story that you want the world (well at least Moreton Bay Region) to know about?

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